Review Piece, Untitled 1:00

21 01 2010

This work was an initial video ‘sketch’ of what I want the viewer to see once they place their hand on the heart rate monitor. The first few moments are meant to parallel the uncomfortable feelings of ‘displacement’ and will eventually move into ‘transition’ then ‘integration’.


When it rains it pours!

21 01 2010

This week has been unconceivably hectic and still, it’s not over. Above all in importance, my son (Julien) just turned one. By far, this is the accomplishment I am most proud of đŸ˜‰

Academically this week, I had a my mid-point review through the MA Digital Art Course and I am  scheduled to have another mid-point review with the MA Transnational Art and Identity Course.  In the  MADA review I had my current project critiqued and for the TrAIN I will have to discuss a piece at the TATE Modern and how it relates to my current art practice. All very manageable stuff but I also ended up having an interview at Goldsmiths for possible entry into their MPhil/PhD in Computational Arts Course. There are a multitude of things I want to post right now, but I’m afraid I will just have to wait until all the dust settles.

I am absolutely spent but many goods things are a brewing.