Research Paper

23 02 2010

It’s quite amusing how after several months of research and working out the details, digital technology has distilled it all in to a simple two word hypertext link:

Research Paper <— link here for the full Research Paper in PDF Format

And now I can continue playing with the practice-based section of this MA!

Please see below for a brief description of the paper.

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Digital Art in the “Third World” Context of the Philippines

Research Question:

How can digital art serve as a vehicle of expression for artists of the Philippines?


The emergence of new digital technologies alongside the growing number of global diaspora communities is reinventing national identity as well as the artistic modes for expressing this identity. This paper proposes connections between digital and diaspora art and exposes a need for further research that combines these two lenses.  The particular diaspora community this paper will address is the Philippines. A historiographical analysis of the emergence of digital art in the context of periphery narratives will be used to discuss reasons for the underrepresentation of the Philippines in the current digital art canon.  An analysis of the ways in which earlier Philippine artists gained acceptance in the art establishment will be presented as a precursor to the diffusion of digital art from the Philippines and its diaspora communities. The emergence of ASEUM 2009, an international network of new media artists initiated in the Philippines and Slovenia, will be examined as a case study of current representations of transnational discourse through digital art.  Finally, the innovative possibilities of digital art as a medium will be discussed in regard to modes of expression for ‘developing’, or ‘third world’ nations.

Key Words: digital art, transnational art, Philippine diaspora, ASEUM, third world art

Research Paper <— link here for the full Research Paper in PDF Format


Quick status update…

17 02 2010

I’ve been less present on the blog as of late, but have been working fervently behind the scenes. These last few weeks have been consumed completing my research paper as I am a little behind schedule but I am still certain that I have more than enough time to make the deadline. That said, I’d still appreciate a week or two more, but then again the sooner I get this done the more time I will have to get my hands dirty with the fun stuff.

On that note, more conceptual fine tuning that I am doing on the project.  After finishing off the Mid-point reviews and hearing an anecdote about a previous MA student who used a microwave as an analogue trigger for a moving image/ video piece I was inspired to incorporate a more tactile angle to my work. I am currently working on getting the heart rate monitor embedded within the handle of a suitcase, so that the viewer would have to carry the suitcase for the image sequence to begin… scans from my sketchbook to come soon (once this pending paper is of my plate).