Pure Data meeting with Dr. Grierson

24 02 2011

I’ve just had a less formal tutorial with Mick where we briefly discussed the upgrade viva planned for next year and what will be expected of me in regards to written and material and artwork. Mick is confident in my theoretical background and ability to create a critical argument in writing and now wants to focus on my computational art practice. He presented another option for viva package that includes a well developed art piece, and a body of writing that describes my analysis of the work and its success as a researched art practice. This is a bit different from my initial plan of creating a well researched thesis argument with an art-practice that reflects the research. Both would work but for now before deciding, Mick has suggested to get my hands dirty with the programming.

We spent a good part of the extended meeting to hone some of my computing skills in Pd. Breakthroughs include the creation of ‘inlets’ in my programming by which I have now started to create an array of interlinked patches. This in effect allows me the ability to create mini-programs that I can call upon from one master program. For example if I want to move a series of images on the screen I can create a movement program for each visual element then compile them together on one master patch where I can then control each of the mini programs.

I am now working creating an array of patches that will create interactivity between the visual elements in my ‘El Alcazar’ piece previously exhibited at the Propeller Gallery.