Queer Loves and Intimacies in Martial Law Manila

9 11 2012

I just went to a very informative presentation by Robert Diaz, researcher at Wilfred Laurier, about his soon to be finished book ‘Queer Loves and Intimacies in Martial Law Manila’. It looks in to the way alternate nationalisms are manifested on the periphery of the mainstream. He uses the concept of love as a foil that reveals narratives within the queer community. To illustrate his point he analyzes the years around Martial Law and looks at the both the movie Manila by Night (1980) by Gawad Urian, and the book Dogeaters (1990) by Jessica Haggedorn. In both cases he looks at the ways gendre and gendre roles are played out in the queer narrative and in general how Queer communities are depolitized.

Very interesting work and I look forward to the books completion.