Year 2

1 10 2012
Day 3 at Studio444

Day 3 at the studio

I have officially re-registered at Goldsmiths and am going full throttle towards my PhD. My plan is to upgrade by Spring 2013 and do my final viva by Summer 2014. It’s a tall order but I’ve been itching like a caged greyhound to get back on the running track.

September has been setup month. I have acquired, a ‘room of my own’, a lovely shared studio space in a quiet part of Toronto. I have equipped it to my liking, agreed upon a shared child-care schedule with my wife and am now working on a consistent basis.

So far I have hashed out solid chapter themes and am now working on the meat of the thesis. I aim to have something of a rough chapter by the end of the month. As I have also secured a sessional position at OCAD U, a good part of the research I am doing towards this first chapter will be coincide/overlap with the content of the course I will be teaching on networked societies and enviorments.

Highlights of the month:

  1. My baby girl turned one and is walking!
  2. I am finally back at the grindstone.
  3. I have room to spread my wings.

I am still undecided as to how much of the chapter work I will publish on the blog but for now I think I will save the blog entries for project updates and anything interesting that may come about.