Symposium 2 Feedback

6 05 2010

All in all the Symposium went very well. I got a chance to see the work projected on a wide screen and was quite happy with the look of the composition. The piece and the thinking behind the work was received well, although the group in attendance was quite small (just over a dozen of us not including a sprinkling of onliners). I didn’t get much significant feedback other than that it looked good.

One point that did resonate was that I would have to think of a way to ensure that the audience would know that they would have to pick up the suitcase. ¬†As was the case in the Decode Exhibition at the V&A, I am hoping that the audience coming to see the final show will be accustomed to engaging with interactive pieces (mainly due to the others in the group who will also encourage interactivity in their work). That said, I still think I shouldconsider the design of the ‘static state’ (projection before the suitcase is picked up) to intice the viewer to pick the bag up.