Combining techniques

31 03 2010

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out a way to combine some of my recent experiments in film with the moving image technique I first showed in the Mid Point review. I’ve been fiddling with Final Cut and have come up with the short clip below.

I really like the dimensionality to this work and it has some visual cohesion to the montage aesthetic that I have been developing over the last few years. I like where this is going but now I just have to figure out how long I want these clips to be and how I can visually tie them so that they can link when called upon randomly. My first step will be to build a timeline/architecture on which I can slot in potential clips. I am thinking of using audio as the guide for the time intervals (ie. heartrate) and create my clips accordingly. That also reminds me… I have to get cracking on learning Pure Data as I want to start creating some of my own audio. The current electronic beats that I’ve been using in my experiments have been by Lali Puna and will certainly not be used in the work. By using this music at this point in the project, ┬áit’s been a bit like a suggestion to myself of an audio ‘mood’ that works with the images. I’m thinking that I should connect aspects of ‘Filipinoness’ to the audio as well…


A study in rhythm

19 03 2010

In developing my cinematic language I have been exploring a little more with rhythm and pace. This will become useful when trying to visually represent flow that parallels the viewer’s heart beat. Below is a collage of short clips of flowing traffic. From early on in the project I have been fascinated with the geograhy of the traffic light and how it represents a liminal space where people are physically in one place but mentally moving to another. This works well with my themes of migration and diaspora where community members are often living in one place but thinking about another.