Experiments with interactivity

2 04 2010

I’ve  trying to figure out the mechanics of how I’m going make my short video clips interactive. Of course I intend to use the heart rate as a trigger but I am running into a few road blocks with the technology (please see the bottom of my Project Summary: Curatorial Notes). As a back up plan, I am thinking of incorporating motion sensors or touch pads (or even mics) to and around the suitcase so that interactivity can be established through motion and sound instead.

In my research into this I’ve been working with Processing. So far I’ve been able to get small video clips to move in relation to cursor control. In theory, if I were to incorporate an Arduino generated number string to the code (similar to the experiments I did with the potentiometer) , this code could be the engine for image generation in relation to the  movements of a suitcase. Below is an initial experiment using a clip of me cutting a mango.

Below is another example using some video I captured of palm trees that are thriving in South London. I like what’s happening here as one really gets the sense that one can move through the clip. It’s like scrolling through a large picture or document only it is a running movie with a sense of inner motion that is independent of one’s movements.

In the writing/rewriting of this code, I ran into memory problems which I was able to fix by a quick adjustment to the cache and a resizing of the video. That said, my project will involve a variety of different video clips and I will probably run into this problem again. I am aware that I will eventually have to shift away from Processing and probably use a Max/MSP or Pure Data (more weighty programming interfaces) but I am loathed to give up everything that I have learned with Processing. Maybe there is a way that I could incorporate the two or possibly simplify the concept so that I would not need as many large video files?


Arduino to Processing

12 03 2010

This week was spent figuring out how to bridge the analogue to the digital (from Arduino to Processing). In the video below I have hooked up the Arduino board to a potentiometer. The potentiometer could essentially be replaced by any analogue sensor (ie. motion sensor, IR sensor or heartrate monitor) to create a number string. The number string going into the computer was then interpreted by a sketch (program) I wrote in Processig to interpret visually into a moving linear graph. In theory I can replace this to play movie strings or random image generation. In this case, the line graph goes up and down as I turn the potentiometer dial clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Reflective Video-posts

17 09 2009

I’ve been blogging for over nine years now (admittedly not very consistently), documenting and recording my life to fulfill my somewhat exhibitionist tendancies. Warhol’s concept of ’15 minutes of fame’ was visionary in the context of today’s blog-facebook-myspace-flickr-youtube-twitter culture. Everybody wants to be seen but ironically this mass influx of online self-pulishing (no matter how slick or interesting) has served to desensitize everyone.  Many people are posting and uploading bits of their lives, screaming– look where I went, look who I met, look what I did– but I doubt that much of it actually gets looked at by anyone else but it’s authors.

I however am in a unique position in that I am guaranteed an audience of at least three for this blog! That being my tutors Andy Stiff, Jonathan Kearney and myself (as always). I want this to be a public self-reflection in regards to my creative. I asked Jonathan the other day where to draw the line between the public/professional and the personal in our blogs. He told us to try to try to keep it to the context of our project and possibly revisit entries to reflect on their relevance. We needn’t worry about recording the trivialities of what he had had for breakfast, unless of course it was related to your project (which it has been in the past).

Today I will not be posting the contents of my lunch as it wasn’t very exciting, but instead I will post the trivialities of how I feel thus far. I’ll reference the’picture is worth a 1000 words’ cliche when introducing what I hope to be a series of regular video posts that document my current feelings about things so far. I don’t want to get into to many specifics about the details of my project in these video posts (I’ll save that for writing). What I hope to do is document my emotional position with things as I work through these intense months ahead. I am guessing this will serve as another aspect of self-reflection- my emotional barometer over the months. My wife would probably find at least this useful 😉