Work Plan

14 01 2011

Project Work Plan, Jan 2011


The 10 week work plan

17 04 2010

With the degree show build scheduled for June 28, 2010, this academic year is careening to a finish. The time has slipped from ten months to ten weeks! So far I am very happy with how things are going so far but I have refined my work plan to A) ensure the quality in my final piece and b) that I will make the deadline. Below is a rough work plan of what I intend to do. Fingers crossed, touch wood and break a leg…

25 09 2009

Work PlanIn trying to address all the overwhelming amounts of work ahead of me (this being not just what I have to do, but mainly all the things I WANT to do). I thought it best to resist all my impulses to jump right into action and instead do some planning. ‘Focused action gets results’… as my old creative director back in the advertising days once told me. He told me a lot of nonsensical stuff, mainly when he was drunk, but this gem was worth remembering.

When making this workflow plan I factored a few things in. I planned in time for delays and time for reflection. I planned in ‘pauses’ throughout the year and a ‘soft completion’ date to allow for the inevitable delays that might occur and more importantly to give me a little time to take a few steps back a evaluate the direction I am going in.