Back after a little ‘break’

23 09 2013


First day back after a while. I actually have been doing work ‘behind the scenes’ but I haven’t really been blogging. I’ve decided to get back to the blogging for two reasons. Primarily, I’ve reached another lull in my writing and I figured this would be a great way to get the juices flowing again. Secondly, I unfortunately had a pretty serious cycling accident (severely fractured collarbone) that has meant a world of pain, surgery and limited mobility for over a month now. The prognosis is that I will need at least 3 more months before my bone forms a solid union and a little longer before I can use my right arm (the dominant side). This has made writing a bit difficult as I prefer to get things initially done the old fashioned way – pen on paper- first and typing has come with pain after sessions longer than ten minutes.

WordPress works as I am using their handy mobile app that allows me to post my thoughts via the ‘thumbs and phone’ medium. I’m uploading this post in my ‘healing room’ (converted living room), reclined on the settee with my injured unslinged arm on my lap.

Quick update (short post). I have put my studies officially on hold for the academic year but I am still plugging away towards my upgrade package. My supervisors have generously agreed to continue to work with me throughout the year even though I am not officially registered. The plan is to blow things open when I officially return in September 2014. For now I work on healing my arm and carefully preparing the dynamite for next year 😉