First Post!

11 09 2009

This is the first entry of my creative documenting of my MA Project. I have experimented in the past with blogging as a way to facilitate the creative process ( but have never been committed enough to stick with it. I have already seen the benefits of sporadic blogging in past projects so I am hoping that this course at Camberwell will keep me disciplined enough to keep with it.

I’m going to keep this one short and concise as I feel pretty swamped with general settling in woes to London (I arrived a little over a week ago and have not yet moved into my flat).  I’ve just finished my first week and have met a load of really talented people in the course who I am excited to be affiliated with. Already I am finding myself wanting to explore different angles to enrich my project.  Some things that I found interesting on the technical side (and may want to consider) are 3D imaging, stop aninmation and sensor sensitive pieces. I don’t really know where I could go with this, but I do want to express the networking process that I will have to go through in search of the Philippine diaspora here in London.

My initial proposal was to create digitally collaged photographs of the Philippine-London community in respect to the visual landscape that best represented the fluid nature of this group. I am now considering the need for a more fluid media that can best represent the constant changing nature of these communities on the visual landscape… lots to think about.

In the short term things on top of my to do list are:

1. Hash out a clearer Project Proposal as per the guide lines Andy gave us.

2. Get my hands on and play with Pure Data

3. Find out more about the 3D imaging (should email Ethel at some point or hit her up on her blog)

4. Start to reach out to the Filipino community maybe via the web

5. Touch base with the TrAIN

6. Look into finding out more about how other digital artists have represented community/networks in the past… Warren Sack’s “Conversation Map” as well as Second Life inspired art projects by G+S “Objects of Virtual Desire”, eteam “Second Life Dumpster” and Eva and Franco Mattes/ “Reenactment of Joseph Buey’ 7000 Oaks” come to mind (Thanks Andy for directing us to Christaine Paul on the reading list). Maybe Lev Manovich has written something about diasporic communities or the phenomenon of globalization and how it can represented digitally or even how it has effected technology…

Anyways… I am very happy to be here and working on this. We have a great group of talented creatives and I look forward to the year ahead of me. I am certain that I will develop in leaps and bounds as an artist and researcher.